Womanism 1.7 // Lamiah Gholar

by Juliet Cangelosi

I spent most of the warm months of 2020 living vicariously through Lamiah’s gardening journey via Instagram. Seeing her in a giant floppy hat, going on about the learning process and her undying love for her prolific okra plants brought me a much needed source of joy and inspiration. Around this time, I was encouraged by a good friend of mine to attend one of her virtual kemetic yoga sessions. What really struck me was the time of sharing that occurred after the flow ended: person after person began opening up on the Zoom call to share their feelings and express gratitude for the safe space Lamiah had fostered. I couldn’t help but think about the work Lamiah was doing creating sanctuaries—in her garden, in yoga sessions, and on her own social media— as a kind of radical and restorative act. It was such a privilege speaking with Lamiah on these practices and more for the next installment of Womanism—she is a woman of innumerable talents with the wisdom of an old soul.






"At the core of everything that I do, I'm really invested in empowering people to heal themselves" -Lamiah Gholar





Interview By: Juliet Cangelosi

Photography + Styling: Lamiah Gholar

Lamiah Gholar


Instagram @miaghogho