Zero Waste Efforts

Upcycled Collection

We utilize our excess textiles from older seasons to create our upcycled collection, which features our best-selling accessories and exclusive styles. We’re continuously innovating new and ergonomic products that creatively use up our excess materials to ensure minimal waste. 

Marimole Recycling

Any scrap pieces of fabric that could not be used for our Upcycling program, we send to our fabric recycling partner, Marimole, to recycle our scraps and turn them into yarns creating a zero waste solution.You can learn more about their textile recycling practices here.

Compostable packaging

We are making efforts to reduce the amount of plastic used in-house by shipping all customer orders using certified B-corp compostable packaging.  We ship all goods to our wholesale retailers in reused or post-consumer recycled boxes. Our hang tags are made from post-consumer recycled paper.