Try at Home Program

We created our own Try at Home program to bring our pieces to you to try at home before you purchase - it's noncommittal and easy!

First, fill out the request form to let us know what you want to try and where to send it.

Next, we'll reach out to you and have your pieces ready to ship!

 Have questions about the program? Find more details about how it works below or email us at


Q: What is the cost for this program?

A: You'll only need to pay a $7 non-refundable shipping fee.

Q: Who is eligible for this program?

A: Only US residents. Unfortunately, we do not offer this program for international shipments at this time.

Q: How many products can I try at home?

A: Unlimited!

Note: Any orders above $750 will require a 20% refundable deposit

Q: What can I try on?

A: Only select full-priced items. Select bottoms and outerwear sale items will be included as well. Each product page description will specify if the item is eligible for the program. Find the complete list of eligible products below.

Abbi Pant All colors
Apollo Hoodie Natural Picante
Bella Dress All colors
Ezra Tank Natural  Picante
Filipa Pant Terracotta Stripe
Flo Pant Tio Plaid Moss Twill
Iris Sweatpant Natural Picante
June Blouse Terracotta Stripe
Lola Coat All colors
Luna Dress All colors
Myrna Short All colors
Nina Hoodie All colors
Oaxaca Jumpsuit All colors
Phoebe Dress All colors
Rafa Jumpsuit All colors
Riley Short All colors
Rita Pant All colors
Siesta Jacket All colors
Sylvia Short All colors


Q: How long do I have to decide?

A: 5-days from the day it arrives on your doorstep.

Q: What if I decide later that I don't want to keep the items?

A: No problem! However, it will need to fall within our 14-day return policy, cannot be worn out, tags still attached, and it must be a full-priced item.

Q: What happens if I don't return the items after 5-days?

A: We will make sure to check in with you before then, but we will charge your card if we do not hear from you after the 5-day try-on period.

Q: How do I ship back the items?

A: Email us first of what you decide to keep and what you want to return: Your initial shipment includes a return shipping label, and you can use the same compostable mailer to ship it back.

Q: Am I eligible to add any discounts to the items I purchase?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer added discounts to the items you purchase from this program.